We build solid lives by participating in services, discipleship and ministry.


We all pray for and passionately pursue the fulfillment of our vision as direction from the Lord.


Value God's Presence
We genuinely worship God and minimize distractions during services, including early and unnecessary exits.


Ministry Community
We serve consistently in a ministry but take time to be a community.


3-Minute Rule
We invest at least the first three minutes following each service interacting with new or unfamiliar people to welcome them to The Rock.


David Generation
Kids and Youth ministries are primary, not secondary or babysitting. We’re raising up an army of world changers and giant slayers.


We represent Jesus Christ and The Rock both at, and away from, church and therefore constantly strive to improve our character and competence.


We sacrifice personal preferences to advance God’s kingdom together (e.g. parking spaces, ministry roles, comfortzones).


We smile, keep good eye contact and communicate to everyone with courtesy and respect (e.g. “good morning,” “thank you,” “I’ll be happy to” and “my pleasure”). Everyone receives many warm greetings and pleasant goodbyes.


We maintain an atmosphere of love and acceptance–even with unreasonable people. We first listen to people to understand, then respond to be understood.


We resolve conflicts quickly with gracious yet forthright communication to the appropriate individuals, not by complaining to others. We do not criticize our leaders, team, congregation, other ministers or ministries… ever!


We arrive early and start on time. When we cannot fulfill our scheduled responsibilities, we give a willing and “trustworthy” person sufficient notice to cover for us, and communicate to our overseers.


Extraordinary Service
We strive to notice – and even anticipate – the needs of others. We escort and introduce people to the right persons and places rather than pointing or directing them.


We take responsibility to keep God’s house clean (e.g. we never pass by trash, facilities are left clean and organized). We present ourselves as representatives of God’s kingdom (e.g. hygiene, clean clothes, and fresh breath).


We maintain a safe and accident-free environment. We attend to and report all injuries immediately to assure proper care and documentation (Incident Reports).


Pastoral Care
We immediately report urgent matters regarding people in our congregation to the church office or the “pastor on call” (not the church voice mail) to assure prompt pastoral care.


We endeavor to do everything with excellence. We protect God’s resources by conserving energy and supplies and properly maintaining and locking our facilities and equipment.


We do a lot with a little and expect the impossible because our God is always faithful!


A Thankful People
We are thankful to the Lord, even in adversity. We will not allow ourselves to forget His goodness.


We spread joy, have fun and make things fun for others.


Rejoice Always
We sing and rejoice in the Lord at all times.